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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 25, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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left tonight. before we go, set your dvr ask record "hannity" and we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> this is about the president reducing american power. doing it consciously and systematically. >> but why? why would the commander and chief want to weaken american forces around the world? we will put that question to ambassador bolton tonight. >> i really do hope that we have a woman president in my lifetime. >> some say the country might not be ready for a female president. congresswoman michele bachmann puts forth that point of view this evening. >> also tonight are american children better off today than they were, say, auto years ago? john stossel says yes i say
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no. the debate coming up. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. hi i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching under the circumstances tonight. freedom of speech under attack from the left. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the american civil liberties union the aclu set up to protect predom of speech in america it's a committed left wing outfit. now, some other very liberal people are trying to shut down free speem speech and the aclu is silent about it here is a vivid example. writing in the harvard crimson paper editorialist sandra corrine says it's tempting to decry restrictions on academic
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violations of academic freedom. i would encourage student and worker organizers to instead use a framework of justice. after all, if we give up our obsessive reliance on the doctrine of academic freedom, we can consider more thoughtfully what is just. now, isn't that swell? editorialist sandra korn wants to stop academic research, an opinion contained in that research with which she disagrees shy just wants justice. of course that justice would be imposed by sandra korn who apparently knows all. harvard university is about as left wing as it gets. very few conservative professors on campus. i know i that trick lated there as they say in academia. overwhelming numbers are not enough for sandra korn. no, no, no, no. she wants a a shutdown of any opposing points of view
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call for a stronger border for mexico you are anti-hispanic. you oppose gay marriage you are a homophobe. if you call for responsible and welfare programs, you are anti-poor. those labels are designed to shut folks up. and it's working to some extent. if you are a conservative individual in hollywood, in the entertainment industry, you will be denied jobs. if you are conservative on the staff of the "new york times," you will not get good assignments. and if you are a fervent believer in god you will not be invited to the swell cocktail parties in manhattan and georgetown oppressing free speech.
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not unusual in far left precincts. communism wipes out all free expression that's their doctrine. now we see the uber left in america trying to impose the same gag order. well, it's not going to work. and this very program will make sure of that sorry, sandra korn. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, group on the internet tried to gag charles krauthammer. wants the "the washington post" not to run his column on global warming. loons gathered a petition and they asked the post not to publish the column entitled the myth of settled science. joining us from washington the guy causing all the trouble as he always does, charles krauthammer. author of the big best seller "things that matter." first of all, what is this column about? >> well, i was just objecting to president obama saying in his state of the union address that global warming is settled science. there is no such thing as settled science. particularly as something as unsettled and as reliant on models which are very
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changeable as is climate studies. and, you know, obama went out earlier that week to california to the drought and said this is is a result of global warming and he pledged a billion dollars to mitigate the effect of global warming when, in fact, even the global warming models as the "new york times" pointed out not exactly a right wing rag, even the global warming models say that as a result, you would have expected increased in rain, not a decrease in california. the same with hurricane sandy, the same with tornadoes, every time you hear about one, you get the mayor of new york and others demagoguing this, blaming it on climate change when, in fact, we have had a radical decrease in atlantic hurricanes and in tornadoes in the last decades. so all of this stuff, i'm not a global warming denier. i'm not a global warming believer. i'm a septic. i'm open to empirical evidence, but the people who tell us that this is a closed issue. >> settled science. >> settled science not being
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honest. i think the petitioners have made my case. the whole point of declaring it settled science is to deny debate. >> they want to declare it settled science so they can get their environmentalists -- >> -- they want to shut me down and others. >> i don't know how i missed your column. >> because it was so long. 750 words. >> my concentration span is about 12 seconds. >> i know. very short attention span. like my black lab. >> thank you for comparing me to your dog. i appreciate that doctor. >> but you are just as lovely. >> anything else on your mind before i ask my next question? >> you are just as loving as my lab. >> of course i am. but i'm not licking you. i don't care what you do. >> that one i can't top. >> column basically use empirical data, proven data saying it's not proven cited. you cited a tornado and hurricane. that's all i -- you did. these people obviously don't
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care about facts. more frighteningly, you went to harvard middle medical schoo. so now we have supposedly these brilliant students saying, you know what? we don't want any more research or we don't want any more academic opinion that goes against our sense of justice, social justice. this is fascism. that's what it is. but it was also comical. that's the worst piece of writing i have seen. i wouldn't have given it a c in the high school class. i love the phrase you showed, students and workers. you know, that's an old adjunct phrase used in the communist 30's used by student radicals in the 1960's, only people who still use that after the fall of the berlin wall are in pyongyang. i mean, what kind of stuff are they teaching this young
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woman? i can tell you in the medical school where you have to learn stuff to treat people. you teach the facts as you know them and you use experiments in order to ferret out the facts and you don't refer to politics. >> in harvard there have been some photographers -- professors over the years the bell curve that have gone against the liberal who are though docksy that the university has embraced. harvard now is so far left it's frightening. i mean, justed in the shorenstein center. i went to the kennedy. i couldn't have went to the school charles went to. not one, not one even moderate conservative on the whole shorenstein public policy staff. i mean, it's insane what has happened there. >> and look what happened to larry summers. he is not exactly a raving right winger. he was essentially run out of town on the rails for
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questioning, you know, the numbers of women in the sciences. and he posed as it a question. not even as a conclusion. it does tell you. >> now we have editorialist on the crimson, which is the paper, the student-run newspaper at harvard, basically flat out saying look, we don't want to hear your point of view. the university should enforce a boycott of anybody saying anything we don't like. i will give you the last word, charles. >> well, you know, she is now made the o'reilly show. so i think she is getting a lot more attention than anybody -- she reflects the views of a lot of students, i'm sure. but what i found interesting because my son went there. there is quite a resistance among the other generation, against this propaganda. and that's one of the reasons i'm optimistic about this. her stuff is total nonsense. >> it is. >> yonk anybody will take it seriously. >> all right charles, thank you very much. very controversial statement by john bolton on fox news. he says president obama is
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subverting u.s. power. the ambassador will be here. later, stossel andly shoot it out over whether american children are better off today than they were 50 years ago. factor is coming right back. predicting the future is a pretty difficult thing to do. but, manufacturing in the united states means advanced technology. we learned that technology allows us to be craft oriented.
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she thinks i'm crazy. mm-hmm. but would a crazy person save 15% on car insurance in just minutes? [ chuckles ] [ malennouncer ] 15 minutes for a quote is crazy. with esurance, 7½ minutes could save you on car insurance. welcome to the modern world. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call. exact segment tonight. >> as you may know the obama administration is seeking to cut the military brujt while raising spending on the domestic side. pentagon's 2015 budget calls to cutting army to smallest size. that has angered am bolton. >> i think the president wants to reduce the size of our military to limit capabilities. this has nothing to do with the budget. given the increase in budget expenditures on the domestic side. this is about the president reducing american power, doing it consciously and
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systematically. >> now the ambassador joins us now from washington. that's a very provocative statement that the president of the united states intentionally is trying to diminish american power. can you prove it? >> well, i think you can look at his actions over the past five years. this most recent budget only follows a succession of other dramatic cuts in the defense budget over the first five years of his administration. and i'm talking now exit wars in iraq and afghanistan. cuts to the base levels of the budget. i think it's consistent with his ideology. i think is he very deliberately trying to down size our military capabilities to make the united states, in his view, less provocative in the world. >> all right. he made a statement, the president did, that you cited in one of the interviews you did with fox news, that having this close colossus army invites terrorism, invites people to
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attack it on its face, that's true. if you send a big army in to a place like iraq or into a place like afghanistan then all the bad guys in the region come in to try to attack the army. all right? so i didn't think it was a diminishment of power statement. it seemed to me to ablow jis particular call statement. let's do it another way or am i wrong? >> well, i think it's wrong, historically. he said this in the state of the union message just last month that got very little attention that long term deployments may ultimately feed extremism. the historical record is to the contrary. we have had long term troop deployments in germany, japan and south korea since world war ii and not fedex streamism there. it's a reflection of his ideology that we are too strong. we are too assertive. we are too much in the world and that our very presence isn't what provokes animosity. in his view america is declining power. withdraw from areas where we
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we currently have influence. being less provocative the world will be a more stable place. >> let me play devil's advocate here. in the examples you gave north korea, japan and germany. >> south korea. >> south korea. we defeated the battle there. we won the battles there in korea we basically it was a stalemate but we were occupiers and we didn't have a guerrilla wore fair against us by the japanese or the germans or the south koreans. in the muslim world which is where we are now we do. we are not popular there and the more troops we send there, the less popular we get. so i can understand the president's point of view in that regard. if he says we're just going to do it differently. but he hasn't done that he wants to take money from the defense department and from the pentagon and give it to the social justice because that's his big deal. but here's the key question there are many americans and i get their letters every day who feel that president obama dislikes america, wants to harm america.
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and is doing everything he can to marginalize this country while is he in office. do you believe that? >> no, look. i'm not a shrink. i don't know what motivates him. i think you can explain this in ideological terms. i think what he he says. what he he believes, what he does you would not find much disagreement in the faculty leo yassenoff foundation of where he went to school. colombia and harvard law school. i think it's the exact opposite of ronald reagan's view of the world, which goes by the mantra peace through strength. it's not american strength that's provocative as obama believes. it's american weakness. >> okay. and i agree with you that i, if i were president, would do the ronald reagan model. i want everybody to be clear about that all right? i don't think the president's soft power strategy is good for this country in the long run. but you dodged my question. do you, ambassador john bolton believe that the president of the united states is actively trying to
8:18 pm
diminish the power of this nation? >> yes. how else do you explain his defense budgets? >> then why is he trying to hurt the nation? if he diminishes our power, we are weaker. why does he want to make us weaker? >> i think as i said before, in his view a weaker america is a less provocative america and therefore will contribute to international peace and security. i think it's the opposite. i think a weaker america invites challenge. >> you believe that he wants to weaken this nation and he believes by doing that we will be be safer. >> that is his view. i believe that's correct. and i believe that's the predominant view in academia in america today. >> all right. thank you, mr. ambassador. very interesting. directly ahead, a shocking report out of colorado. now our favorite state for controversy about welfare money being accessed in spot shops. i told you this was going to happen. then michele bachmann says the u.s.a. may not be ready for a woman president. the congressman will be here
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factor follow up segment tonight. as you may know california has legalized marijuana and along with that some say legislators wanted to pass a law in colorado saying that welfare cards couldn't be used in marijuana shops. makes sense, right? so, the democrats, incredibly said no. all right? killed the law. and the fox affiliate in denver then did an investigative report. roll the tape. >> private atms are a necessity inside marijuana stores. it's a cash-only business. banks are shy about getting involved because marijuana is still illegal under federal law.
8:23 pm
now dependence sears dispensaries have a new war as a fox investigation into card usage. we traced 56 welfare crash withdraw transactions total ling $3,895 to 19 different marijuana dispensaries just in the month of january. names like medicine man, star buds, the green solution, mmj and the sanctuary stood out as unusual places for welfare recipients to withdraw from 20 to $200 in cash. >> here now to reply monica crowley and alan colmes both fox news analysts. colmes, reporter did a story poor neighborhood in new york on welfare check day. we had hidden cameras and were out there. the drug dealers were lined up at the check cashing stores. okay? where you cash your check. you get the money and they run out and buy heroin and crack cocaine. this is not new.
8:24 pm
what is shocking is that the colorado legislature had a chance to forbid these machines in the pot shops as they have done in the bars and liquor stores and said no. >> atm machines. >> first of all you should not be allowed to use those welfare cards to buy pot. there is is a reason why the machines are in there. they don't want people walking in with wads of cash. think have the machines in there so law abiding citizen, not welfare recipients who use it for pot would be able to buy legally colorado in colorado. >> why would the state want to be in the business of helping nibby an intoxicant? >> they shouldn't. >> that excuse is ridiculous. wrong not to go along with the republicans. >> did everybody hear that the democrats are wrong? >> contrary it to what you think, mr. o'reilly i'm not an ideologue, i actually agree with republicans once in a while. >> this is just insane. this is what is going on in colorado. tomorrow night we will take a close look at that state. this could be the new face of america, colorado. but, what is the excuse?
8:25 pm
you don't have -- in the booze places. >> right. no casinos, no liquor stores and no gun shops in colorado. >> you don't want to put temptation in -- right in the way of people accessing money, whether it be welfare or not. >> right. >> okay. you want them to spend the money on positive things. yet, the democrats in the house, in colorado kill the law. >> yeah. and i don't know why. i have been racking my brain. i have been researching this story all day. i can't give you a clear answer to this. the only thing i can think of is that pot is now taxed in colorado. and it is generating a huge amount of revenue for the state. so, perhaps they think that if they put cash in people's hands they will go buy pot and somehow that revenue will come into the state. that's the only explanation that i can think of. >> the three legislators who voted for it. i wanted to try to get one on the show maybe tomorrow we will do it. but, look, they have all of these excuses that oh, it's got to be convenient. okay, but you can't ban them from alcohol and then try to
8:26 pm
promote pot. because, remember, the state gets money from alcohol, too. they get tax money. so all of those arguments fall apart. >> remember, they are against cigarette smoking with all these warnings. >> but they want you to smoke pot. >> there is an interesting case that's going to come up, i think in washington state which is also legalized marijuana. they don't have any pot shops opened yet we suspect in the summertime now that it's legal they will start. we will see if they go down the same path where they will allow access to cash from ebts for the use of pot. so far colorado is the only state that does that. >> what do you think is happening? did you ever go it colorado? i know you don't like fresh air pretty much. >> i have been to denver. >> i lived there for two years. when i was there, in '78 to '80 if was a traditional state not a liberal state. people from california started come moving out. a lot of hispanic americans came up or people who were trying to be nationalized citizens. the whole demographic of the state changed. always had bolder which was liberal and always had colorado springs which was everybody.
8:27 pm
now that state is insane. it's crazy. no jessica's law. they won't pass that. one of only five states that won't pass it. all right. now this pot thing is just out of control. >> pot thing -- pot is going to be -- we are going to decriminalize marijuana bill all over the country. we disagree with that you also can't stop somebody from going into an atm close by. >> no close by you can't stop them. >> can't stop theming theming fm from doing it. >> the state's responsibility is public safety. >> should be the dealt the same way with liquor and guns and strip clubs. >> and that report from the fox affiliate in denver moved. welfare money, that's taxpayer money being used to buy pot. that's not acceptable. >> why agree. and actually federal law does say that you can cannot use welfare cash for booze, tobacco and lottery tickets. >> i want the feds to go where i went and just sit in the car on welfare check day and watch what happens. monica, colmes, thank you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this
8:28 pm
evening. congressman michele bachmann says the nation may not be ready for a woman president. provocative. pedophile getting extremely light sentence this time in minnesota. minnesota. we hope you st in the new new york, we don't back down. minnesota. we hope you st we only know one direction: up so we're up early. up late. thinking up game-changing ideas, like this: dozens of tax free zones across new york state. move here. expand here. or start a new business here...
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personal story segment tonight. interview with syndicated columnist cal thomas michele bachmann said quote: i think there was cachet about having an african-american president because ofpeople don'r a woman.
8:32 pm
i don't think there is a pentagon up desire for a woman president. joining us now from washington, michele bachmann herself. so that's going to get some ladies mad at you, congresswoman. >> well, i ran for president of the united states. obviously i firmly believe that a woman can, should, and one day will be president of the united states. i think it will be a conservative woman who is our first president of the united states. and i want to encourage young women who get involved because we have a woman. but it was my personal experience that there are some women or there are some people in the united states who don't yet see that a woman should be president but the overwhelming majority do and some day we will have one. >> all right. now, hillary clinton obviously is the person in a position to become the first woman president at this point, other people may surface. there are americans who say, you know what?
8:33 pm
i'm unseizey with it. i just don't feel that, you know, even despite margaret thatcher and gold -- i don't have the rough and tumble nature of it. how do you respond to that? would you defend hillary clinton? would you say, look, she has the tools to be the commander and chief? not ideology, i know you disagree with her philosophy. but just as a woman, as a person? does she have the tools? well, there are some americans as i said who aren't quite comfortable yet with seeing a woman as president. but, again, we have one because the overwhelming majority of americans look to merit. hillary clinton's case will be difficult because she has to answer the question of commander and chief. that's going to be very difficult for her in light of her failures in benghazi. she has another question that she has to answer with health care. she is the god mother of obamacare. in fact, her version of hillary care was probably far more complex an
8:34 pm
difficult than obamacare. and, hillary clinton will represent barack obama's third and potentially fourth term in office. those are very high hurdles for hillary clinton to overcome. >> i think the highest one is the commander and chief thing as you mentioned because of benghazi, libya. and that certainly was a disaster. now, do you anticipate that if men, say me or, you know, someone else on television, criticized hillary clinton for policy that we're going to be then labeled misogynistic as they are now doing with some people criticize barack obama. you know, the fringe not mainstream but the spring does it do you think that's going to be in play if you criticize hillary clinton you don't like women? >> you know, i don't think so. i think that all women need to come in front of you and have an interview with you because you will be tough. and that's exactly what women need to go through. but i will tell you when i was running for president, i was on stage and i was asked the question if i -- if as
8:35 pm
president, i will be submissive to my husband in the white house. that did not happen to any of the male candidates. i do think we see a double standard. hillary clinton faced a double standard in 2008. there is no question chris matthews had asked a question about whether troops would respect a woman, for instance, if she was commander and chief. sarah palin had to answer the question as vice president if she could also be a mother. these aren't questions that a man has to deal with i think all of this has to work its way out. people are coming comfortable with seeing women in these positions. >> finally real quick, do you think that hillary clinton is going to use the so-called war on women in they're campaign? is she going to run and use gender politics? do you think she will? >> nannies pelosi has and we have seen male liberals use this war on women. whether she will, i think will be a mistake if she does. but we will see.
8:36 pm
she will have to make that. >> you don't want to make a prediction whether she will or not? >> i would say if i had to say, i would say she probably will. but i think it would be a mistake. >> i agree with you. i think she will. maybe we are both wrong always good sty. >> always good to he see. >> you child molester getting probation. carol kennedy drunk driving. legal is next. [ female announcer hands were made for playing.
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thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the is it legal segment. three hot topics. 37-year-old gary hegna repeatedly raped a 7-year-old girl for five years until she was 12. the judge accepted a plea bargain for hegna, gave him no prison time at all, just 15 years probation. probation for raping a 7-year-old girl over and over and over again. probation. here now attorney eboni williams in for kimberly guilfoyle multiple rape down to a third degree sexual conduct. >> why. >> we don't know for sure. they are not answering our questions.
8:41 pm
>> what do you mean they are not answering your questions? >> we called the prosecutor again and again and again. the prosecutor is mowar d's. >> the prosecutor in what county. >> kristen nelson. >> a woman? >> kristen nelson. >> we call her up. >> again and again. >> and we ask her why did you allow a plea bargain for a man who did this? and this, i just want to be clear. >> yeah. >> this prosecutor, who is paid by the taxpayers. >> right. >> refuses to return the call? >> but, return the call that says we looked at it very then narkly did. >> you speak to her. >> no the factor office did, producers did. >> and the answer is what? >>. no we are not going to tell you specifically why. >> not going to tell you. >> why we did. this they are not telling us. what they said technically look the case is still on appeal which doesn't make any sense to me. >> i don't want to hear any more b.s. wiehl -- not you have. i don't want to hear any more b.s. from the prosecutor. this is disgraceful. does minnesota have
8:42 pm
jessica's law ebony? >> no. but they have a version of it that says least is absolutely right. i have a suspicion as to why they are not telling exactly why they didn't move forward and why they pled this thing down. look, they don't want to show their hand, bill. i suspect that they did not have a cooperating witness on this case. i feel like there was a credibility issue. >> they should have said that. >> i don't believe that though because it was through this victim that she came forward through a social worker. >> she may have changed her mind now that she is older. it doesn't matter. you bring the case anyway. >> exactly. >> i want to be clear on what the law is in minnesota. >> it's a watered down version of jessica's law. >> if this guy was convicted of raping a child he would have gotten what. >> mandatory minimum of 12 years. little bit watered down on jessica's law. he still would have gotten a mandatory. >> 12 minimum and they could have counted. >> to life, right? >> exactly. disgraceful.
8:43 pm
you minnesota residents throughout should call the prosecutor and demand accountability for. this now the nypd was spying on muslims in new jersey eboni, correct? >> correct. >> the muslims didn't like it and the muslims filed suit but the judge ruled that the nypd has a right to surveil muslims. am i right on this? >> yeah. you are right on this and so was the district court judge who filed the dismissal. here is why. at the end of the day, i don't think there is a more. >> don't say at the end of the day. you are going to get everybody mad at you. >> sorry. >> what happened. >> exactly as you laid out. the judge ultimately dismissed this suit because there was nothing unconstitutional about it the claim is that they were beinged surveillanced. if that were proven in a court law that would be unconstitutional. >> the judge summed up everything. you can't monitor the muslim community without actually going in and surveilling the muslim community. there were tips to nypd that something was going on in the muslim community, some terrorist acts. >> so the nypd just didn't go into a mosque. >> no. no. >> at random.
8:44 pm
they had informer saying. bad guys in here. >> exactly. >> check it out. and the judge said that's unconstitutional. >> you can't monitor unless you go in there. >> let's talk about kerry kennedy. she is the daughter of robert kennedy who was assassinated of course, she is now on trial in west chester county north of new york city for drugged driving. she apparently hit a number of automobiles. >> she hit one automobile and passed out on her way to the gym. she was found by the officer, you know, passed out in her car where she had driven some 10 miles from her home. >> so this, eboni looks to me like a tough case for ms. kennedy to be acquitted. >> it turns on intent. her defense is going to get -- they are going to say that she did not intend to take that particular sleeping pill which is known as ambien. i don't buy that bill. at the end of the day this is not the first time she has taken this drug. this is something that she has repeatedly taken. she has got to get on the stand. >> her attorneys, they say, yes, she did take the ambien. >> right. yes.
8:45 pm
>> however, that morning -- >> -- sure. >> she mixed up her medication. >> couple good facts for her. two pills thoid medication is right -- she will testify about this tomorrow. right next to the ambien. the pills apparently look very similar. she can say look, it was a mistake. the problem with that defense is going to be even when she takes the stand tomorrow. all right, let's assume all of that true she made a mistake in taking that drug. once she gets in that car and the ambien, the effect of that starts, you get off the road. you call a friend. you call a cop. you don't keep driving. >> that's the problem. >> maybe she didn't intend to take that specific pill. at some point as she is pointing out she intended to keep driving. >> we're not going to try it on tv but it is an interesting case. ladies, thanks very much. we appreciate it reminder lis wiehl is the author of the new thriller "snapshot" there it is. stossel says kids are better off now than they were 50 years ago. is he nuts. we will have the debate moments away. it says here that a won's sex drive
8:46 pm
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back back of the book segment. american kids today. john stossel addresses the situation on the fox business network program. >> old people always talk about the good old days. but the good old days were not so good. when i was young more kids were intolerant, racist, homophobe bic. there is no need for a battle between generations. kids today are better not worse. >> here now is the master of propaganda. john stossel. you are so insane. you and i -- you are a little bit older than me. but we were raised -- >> -- smarter too. >> okay. but you are insane. that mitigates all intellect. we were raised in the 50s and 60's. all right? where the culture was much different. and i agree with you that
8:50 pm
socially on the race issue and other issues that the country was not where it should have been. >> sexism, homophobia. >> all those things. i will cede that. but had a much better time of it because the social problems they encounter now were muchenc now were much less. you throw that out the window. >> the social problems you've been railing against are these horribly violent video games they text all the time and marijuana. >> not just marijuana, all drugs. all these drugs have always been there. >> no, they haven't. in the '50s and '60s, drug use in america was very low. >> violence is down. teen pregnancy is down. things are getting better. >> it's not getting better, it's getting worse. there's a reason why all these things are down. let's take it one by one, in 1965, 24% of black infants and 3% of white infants in the u.s.
8:51 pm
were born single mothers, all right? in 2012, 72% of black infants and 36% of white infants are born to single mothers. so the kid's better off with the single mothers at that level? >> no, kids are worse off. we start there. we start there. with millions and millions of american children being worse off because they are not in an in tact traditional family. according to a nilsson survey, 1965, americans 18 to 24 read on average two hours a day. there was no internet. in 2013, the same group read on average, 10 minutes a day. >> now they're reading on their phone. >> they're reading what? they're not reading prust. they're not reading -- >> i was reading comic books. >> and look how you turned out. two hours to younger people
8:52 pm
reading in '65, 10 minutes today many. >> 1965, two hours a day young people are reading, 10 minutes now. that's -- i think it's a bad thing. >> us too. i give you. you want another one? sex. sex. they have sex. at a much younger age. back in the '50s and '60s it was taboo. it happened, but the society didn't accept it, all right? you were taught, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. now, 12, 13, 14, overwhelmed by the internet, by the media, where it's glorifies it. they're not ready emotionally. >> the women's movement and the sexual revolution. >> there was a tick up, but not the way it is now, because of the free fire zone of the net. >> and porn is everywhere and sex crimes are down. i mean, the horrible harm from
8:53 pm
this stuff just hasn't happened. >> i want everyone's opinion on this, i'll do a poll question tomorrow. i want to know whether you think kids being raised in the '50s and '60s as opposed to kids being raised today, which was better for the kids. >> they have facebook now. that makes life better for them. >> how? >> they can communicate better. >> cyberspace, not face to face like you and me are doing. >> the lonely kid wasn't communicating. now he can. >> all these new wonderful websites. >> i want everyone to watch stossel's special on thursday night. if you see him in person, mock -- >> trash o'reilly. factor tip of the day, getting the most out of your life.
8:54 pm
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first, the audio of "killing jesus" continues to be number one as it has been for five consecutive months. publisher's weekly runs the numbers. we appreciate everybody listening to the audio, which will make your travels go much faster. the last days of jesus will be released on april 1st. jeff johnson ft. worth texas is a high schoolteacher, i believe the biggest question in the classroom is the use of phones. simplistic assertion that apathy and ignorance is due to the rise of machines makes you a ludite. i think i'll probably be driving in a covered wagon soon. carolyn money, orange bark, florida.
8:57 pm
yes, you are paul reveer, apathy is all over the place, and could lead to the downfall of a nation. right on. >> i do not see use of the internet as leading to apathy. i see it as creating curiosity. >> how sad it is that our government will supplement able bodied citizens like the surfer dude. we have to privately fund high-tech track chairs. excellent point, sandy. >> our auction to help wounded vets ends this week. can you bid on the signed presidential notes. the president signed it, i signed it. or you can receive a replica of the signing for $25. surfer dude is right, if the system is set up without adequate limitations, it's not his fault, he's taking advantage of it. >> i agree, he should get a job and earn his way. ron carey, saginaw michigan.
8:58 pm
can't wait to see you and miller. smart move. that show is already almost sold out, in less than a week. as is the big show in pittsburgh on march 14th at the console. some choice seats remain in pittsburgh if you move quickly. details on billo' for all shows. bill schwartz, i will be renewing my premium membership on billo' and want killing jesus for my birthday on march 7th. message sent, john. i hope you get it. thanks for being a premium member. getting the most out of your life. i received this message from cindy who lives in clifton, new jersey. can you give us tips on time management. you anchor the top rated cable news show, a radio show and many other things. how? it's all about precision.
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when you get up in the morning, take five minutes to write down your plans for the day, and the exact times you'll execute those plans. do it on a pad, not a computer. be nimble, when things overflow, move them around. you will get more done. productivity requires two things, energy and discipline and using your time. factor tip of the day. that's it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website which is different from billo' >> name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be lugubrios. it's all e-mail. if you are a ludite.
9:00 pm
you can't, don't be one. miss megyn up next. please remember, the spin stops here. i'm megyn kelly, live in new york city. and tonight -- >> new fallout after america's top law enforcement officer shares a shocking message. suggesting the state has to enforce the laws they like. >> plus, when did you learn that people -- >> a sneak peak ahead for lawmakers as they desperately try to hold the senate. and drama at the custody hearing of a massachusetts teen taken from her parents. the same group that fought in the terry schiavo case steps in. >> nothing is being done to teach her, to help her. >> tonight justina's


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